DNA Departure Collection 

DNA Departure is a five-piece collection that illustrates a determination to push forward in life no matter the struggle. This piece addresses the battle of living with genetic challenges. Our DNA affects us on many levels, such as inherited genetic conditions or mental health issues. The initial concept for DNA Departure was based on my life and struggles. Because art is a powerful learning tool that can shape our perspectives, I knew it was vital to tell a visual narrative. I wanted to show that our DNA doesn't define us, even when challenges seem overwhelming. There is an acceptance in letting go and seeking new answers. Sadly there is not always a solution to our health concerns. 

This series initially started by taking a copy of my thumbprint on paper. The thumbprint print symbolizes the parts of life we can not control yet are forced to confront when it impacts our quality of life. To illustrate the overwhelming feeling, I enlarged the thumbprint to take up most of the composition. After creating a larger copy, I transferred this image onto a screen. Once the background was finished, each figure was carved on linoleum, printed, and methodically cut out. The black ink can be seen splattered across the prints to emphasize and darken the area around the block-printed figures. These layered prints collectively tell a story of struggling to face genetic limitations.