In this print collection, I worked to develop a body of work that brings attention to our carbon footprint and its impacts on the environment. The large-scale print in the wall piece and outfits was enlarged to show the massive issues that impact our world. Our carbon footprint served as the inspiration for this screen print. When considering additional imagery, I carefully selected the rings of a tree to represent the Earth will predate us all. Therefore, we need to treat our Earth with kindness and respect. 

This year, while expanding on printmaking techniques in Access/Print, I explored themes of mental health and our collective impact on our environment. This collection started as a rough sketch that was digitally scanned and used as a reference. Once I had the print series's final design, I transferred it onto a screen and printed it on cotton fabric. From there, the print evolved and was incorporated further into the installation. This exhibit also includes a mixed-media wall piece using the print, zip ties, and aluminum flashing. The garments started by draping the prints on a dress form and using them as the basis for patterning. Each garment was draped on a dress form and hand-drafted before sewing.